Sunday, January 11, 2009


Wow...I'm amazed at how quickly time passes these days. My intention was to just take a little break from the blog but the little break turned into several months. It doesn't take long to get out of the habit of doing something....such as posting. With a fresh year ahead of me I hope to re-find my habit and become a blogger once again. Thanks for your patience....don't give up on me.

A lot has happened in my art world....and in my personal world ....these last few months. For starters, I was accepted into 3 late summer and early fall shows. The SUN VALLEY ARTS FESTIVAL was the first. It was my very first time to show the boxes in the category of 3-D mixed media and I was surprised and thrilled to receive the award in that category. For me it is an affirmation that I am on the right track and that I have to just keep moving forward. My good friend, Helga Winter, also received an award in her category...Wood. We traveled to and from the show together and so it was wonderful getting to share our good fortunes with each other. Because we won our respective awards, we will both be invited back next year.

The next show was ART IN THE HIGH DESERT in Bend, OR. I was accepted in both 3-D mixed media and jewelry. This is a brand new show...beautifully organized...wonderful location...high quality art. I think we overwhelmed Bend with the quality of the show. Hopefully this next year the public will be more prepared for us.

Last, but certainly not least, was ART IN THE PEARL. This is such a great show and not an easy one to get accepted in. I applied in both jewelry and 3-D mixed media (boxes) and was accepted in 3-D mixed media only. I have applied for 12 years and have been accepted twice. This is a show you can never take for granted. I was fortunate to be approached by two different galleries... Beet Gallery in Portland and Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem. Both galleries and the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland are interested in representing my boxes. It's going to be a busy winter building inventory for these and other galleries and feeling prepared for summer shows.

I made a couple of unexpected trips back to Arkansas in October and December. In October I spent 2 weeks with my 89 year old father. He was in failing health and I am so pleased that we got to spend that quality time together. We didn't do a lot...4 days in the hospital....watched a lot of CNN and the weather channel (his favorite)....talked a lot about remember when...but it was all time spent that is so precious to me now. My dad passed away in December. It's odd having been on one side of the river with parents that hung the moon and now being on the other side of the river with none. I'm still processing a lot of my feelings about being an orphan. I'm sure some of that processing will show up in my artwork. It can't be helped If there is little distinction between one's art and one's life.

Since my last post there were many days spent with dear friends. Some are artists...some are cheerleaders for us artists...all are sweet to the core and so dear to my heart. I am wealthy beyond words when it comes to my friends.

It's going to be a good year. I'm feeling creative and inspired regardless of the slump in the economy. I'm excited about looking forward. My intention is to nurture the creative idea in my head....let it circle my heart and pass through my hands. If I can do that, all will be well.