Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This image of DAEDALUS AS A BOY is one of my favorites. I have used this image as a piece of jewelry (a neckpiece that you can see in an earlier post) and will soon be using it in one of my narrative boxes. Last year I began making what I call abbreviations....these are smaller abbreviated versions of my larger boxes. This one is 4.5" x 6"x 1.25" and is photo-etched nickel. The frame work is cherry. The plate of nickel is held to the cherry using small round headed brass nails. It is made to be wall mounted.

I am drawn to images that depict flight....both personal and metaphorical...where wings are tried on for size and fit. The vintage image of this young boy, taken at the turn of the century just when man was beginning to challenge gravity, is a reminder of everything I love about flight...the magic...the courage...the freedom...the breaking of one's ties to the earth...the need to rise above it all. Daedalus, in mythology, was the father of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun.