Friday, January 3, 2014



I call this collection of bird images ... FIELD NOTES. They remind me of sketches one might find in a biologist's notebook or sketch book. After I made the sculpture called FISHERS, I knew I wanted to eventually make individual collectable figures. They make a wonderful display on a mantel or shelf and cast a cool shadow if the light is right. These are photo etched nickel with a copper leg and a cherry base. They are from left to right....a pelican...a cormorant...a black-crowned night heron...a great blue heron...and a kingfisher.....all some of my favorite birds. Eventually I hope to add some other wildlife like a fox....bear....salmon...etc. They would make a great gift for your biologist, ornithologist, ichthyologists, environmentally conscious friends. I also think they would make wonderful game pieces for a board game....stay tuned...I might do that one day. These birds range in height from 3.5" to 5.5".