Monday, February 15, 2016



ROWBOTS ... no ... that's not a mispelling. My ROWBOTS are all about water ... and boats ... and oars ... etc.

The ROWBOT ROWING CLUB is looking for new members. Stanley and Otis are recruiting robots of all sizes, strengths and gear ratios. While we strive for an autonomous environment, occasionally human intervention is necessary for adjusting vertical stroke and gear ratios. Each new member will receive an overall inspection, joint lubrication with a water displacement formula, and a t-shirt. Come join the growing community of ROWBOTS.
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As I worked on these guys, I fell deep into the world of robots ... and in the spirit of research, I finally had to start my own collection of smallish reproduction robots. I am totally enamored with their shapes and colors and with the shadow that is cast on the wall by using a small flashlight at night while I sit on my couch ... totally enchanting. I even found myself making up stories about how they had to organize a bake sale to earn money for going to Nationals ... I think there could be a children's book in there somewhere.

I made these ROWBOATS for a show at BAINBRIDGE ARTS AND CRAFTS titled, TOYING AROUND. This exhibition will be open from Feb. 5th through Feb. 28th and features the following artists: Morgan Brig, Lynn Brunelle, Megan Drew, Garth Edwards, Jeannie Grisham, Solia Hermes, Sandi Hurd, Linda Jarvis, Don MacLane, Mary McInnis, Shane Miller, Carl Morgan, Gregg Onewein, Loran Scruggs, Raquel Stanek, and Kamilla White.

Stanley is photo etched nickel and stands approx. 11" tall and is 4.5" from shoulder to shoulder. His arms and legs are made from a zigzag metal folding ruler. It was important to me that the robots should be able to sit ... so they needed knees ... and to be articulated in a way that would make rowing possible ... or even getting into a boat possible. That was achieved by using threaded rod and washers and acorn type nuts. There were many trips to the hardware store ... on one particular day, I remember going 5 times ... whew!

Stanley's backside.

Stanley from the side.

Otis is photo etched copper and stands about 9.5 inches tall. Since this photo was taken, Otis now has a spiral copper wire as a finial head dress ... making him even more robot looking. His arms and legs are articulated using, again, a zigzag ruler ... this one is made of wood.

A close-up of Otis from the front.

The backside of Otis.

Otis from the side.

Here is an image taken at the gallery with Otis wearing his new head topper.

... and last but not least is an image of the ROWBOTS sent through a special filter ...could this be the beginning of the illustrated ROWBOT children's book ... stay tuned.