Sunday, February 3, 2013


This past Friday was the opening for the show, SUPER HEROES WE WOULD LIKE TO Bainbridge Arts and Crafts on Bainbridge Island in WA. The show will be available for viewing Feb.1-25. I am in good company with the following participating artists: Morgan Brig, Lynn Brunelle, Andy Caro, Linda Costello, Megan Drew, Garth Edwards, Denise Harris, Sandra Hurd, M.J. Linford, Linnea Lundmark, Deborah Peek, Joan Peter and Laurie Lewis.

When I was asked to be part of this show I went quickly from elation (what a fun theme) to apprehension (how to pull this off without crossing the 'too cute' line). For me, being on the 'correct' side of that line is important and necessary. That boundary keeps me in alignment with my vision which usually includes...imagery and words that are somewhat clever, quirky and slightly unusual...a way of seeing the world that is unique but still has a universal truth about it...a nostalgic longing...and some kind of hook that allows everyone (young or old, rich or poor, sophisticated or not so much) to relate to the theme. Yes, apparently I like to put a little pressure on myself.

I originally had 2 or 3 different ideas in mind but couldn't seem to settle on how to proceed. Finally I combined these ideas to make one inclusive piece. I kept thinking about how Super Heroes develop their there a school for such a thing? So....I decided to create the GLOBAL ACADEMY OF SUPER HEROES. This piece measures approx. 34" tall by 14.4" wide with a depth of about 2.5"

At the very top of the sculpture is a flying boy finial that is photo etched in nickel.

The top panel, also photo etched nickel, is a representation of the actual academy and training facility. The lightening bolt is the official symbol of the school and is also etched on the front of the book. You can read more about the book a little further down.

The middle panel is an overview of the 12 most recent graduates from the academy. This is protected behind glass.

The bottom panel is mica attached to a tilting shelf. Resting on the shelf is the official year book of the Global Academy. The book, complete with a copper spiral binding, is photo etched brass. Within the book are the 12 most recent graduates from the academy and a brief description of their special powers. Here is a list of the current curriculum and just a few of the featured Super Heroes.

And last, but certainly not least, is a photo of Anne who is one of the worker bees at the gallery wearing my super hero goggles. I think she looks great!!! Maybe she will try out for next years group of trainees at the GLOBAL ACADEMY OF SUPER HEROES.