Friday, May 16, 2008


I am a long time admirer of crows. I love their blackness...the sharp glint in their eye...their social-ness...the way they walk when observed from behind...their raucous voice...and their unending curiosity.

Years ago when I made crows out of steel a man told me about how he had been befriended by a crow. They became such good pals that the man could go out in the yard and yell, "GEORGE", and George would come flying and sit on his shoulder. Ever since I have dreamed of being chosen by a crow. I can't imagine a greater honor.

Another man told me how he would buy bulk bologna and throw the slices frisbee style to the crows. Every day he would shorten the throw bringing the crows closer and closer. Eventually the crows came through his open door into the house to get their treats. I have seen a crow fly over my property carrying what appeared to be a piece of pizza...probably booty from somebody's picnic when they were caught unaware.

This crow bracelet is photo-etched sterling silver. It has five crows flying around the circumference and a pattern of checkerboard on the ends. It can be made to comfortable fit any size wrist.

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