Friday, October 19, 2012



Well we lived through it .... our 4th annual studio sale at GreyBird Barn....and all agree that it was a grand success. Having the sale in October instead of in June is something I'm sure we will try again. There was some magic in the air .... the crisp fall mornings .... the apples on my trees .... the beginnings of color in the landscape .... just a general vibe of well being as we celebrated the shift of light that we call fall.

An event like this doesn't happen without a lot of pairs of hands and a bunch of willing hearts. I have many people to thanks for their tireless energy and willingness to help. My friend, Carrie, is not only the principal of our local high school but is our cookie and pumpkin bar maker. This is her 4th year to bake for us and I know it was a challenge this time with her busy schedule. We so appreciate her for her talents in the kitchen and also for just being who she is. Her partner, Ari, has also been an integral part of our barn sale for all 4 years. She takes care of traffic and the parking of cars in my yard. It can't be the most fun job but she does get to boss people around .... a small perk. Wendy is the sister of Linda Jarvis .... one of our participating artists. She, too, has helped us for 4 years and travels down from Pender Island off the coast of British Columbia to do so. I'm not sure how we would manage without her energy which is usually spent refilling the apple cider pot and cookie trays .... running any errands .... and being the trouble shooter for any and everything that needs attention. Rick is the husband of Lynn Anju .... another participating artist .... and this year not only made two dump runs for me as I cleaned out the barn but he also was the responsible party who put out and picked up our numerous sandwich boards from along the highway and streets. Rick, also, along with Bob Snow .... husband of Donna Snow, another participating artist, helped us do some much needed yard work on the Sunday before the sale ... much raking .... snipping .... trimming .... and wood stacking was accomplished. A huge shout out thanks goes to Jennifer Westdal who is responsible for the wonderful article about GreyBird Barn and it's artists that was published in the Port Townsend Leader, our local newspaper. Megan Claflin, the arts editor for the Port Townsend Leader, gets a round of applause for making Jennifer's article possible. So three cheers for everyone listed above and a huge THANK YOU for supporting us. And a big THANK YOU for all that came to see and purchase our art.... old friends .... new friends .... we are so glad you came.

Here are a few random photos from the week end. Some are mine .... some were taken by Linda Jarvis .... and some by Diana Cronin.

Lynn Anju is probably explaining her etching process.

That's me talking to a customer.

Diana Cronin's BEAN STALKS AND MAGIC BEANS lined the path to the barn.

A throng of onlookers checking out the work of Donna Snow.

Linda Jarvis doing a happy dance!!

Diane Gale showing us how big her dinner plate is going to be that was so busy at times that we all forgot to eat lunch!

Me, Shane Miller, having a serious art discussion with an old friend.

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