Wednesday, September 11, 2013



I am participating in a show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts this month titled NEITHER HERE NOR THERE: ARTISTS ON THE ROAD. Blank 4" x 6" postcards were donated by Strathmore Artist Papers and artists, architects, designers, and friends of the gallery were asked to or stitch the cards using any medium. I went to the opening and it was crowded with people trying to see all the cards and purchase the ones that struck their fancy. Because the postcards were all signed on the back, it was sort of like a guessing game trying to decide who had made which card. Each card was priced at $65 (symbolic since the gallery is celebrating it's 65th year).

I made two cards for the event. The one above is titled HARVEST. Honestly, at almost the last minute, I picked up one of my favorite vintage toy trucks that is just under 4" long and picked three ripe sungold cherry tomatoes from my garden to fill up the bed. After sending it through a few filters in photoshop I came up with the above version.

The second postcard is called PERSONAL CLOUD. The foundation for this card is a vintage image of a young boy and girl sitting for a posed studio photograph. Neither of them looks very excited about being there...and they probably had to sit very still for a long time so there would be no blurriness in the exposure. The message I wrote on the back of this card reads, "Have you ever wished you had a personal cloud to hide behind when all the attention is focused on you?" There is just a little personal experience in that statement.

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