Sunday, October 27, 2013



It's been a couple of weeks since the Artist's Sale at GreyBird Barn and it seems like a good time to look back at the event ... dredge up some memories ... look at some fun photos ... and pat ourselves on the back just a little. If you were unable to attend ... and you missed out on the hot cider and homemade cookies ... and you didn't get a chance to visit with each artist ... then maybe these images will help soothe the disappointment. If that's the case, well, we sure did miss you and hope to see you next year if not sooner.

Sue explaining how she carefully harvests the cedar from her property.

So many details to study!!!

Diana hiding in the corner.

Linda Jarvis and friends.

This is me talking with my hand with my friend, Zo.

Part of my display.

Paula listing to the port side.

The motley crew...from left to right... Paula Gill ... Linda Jarvis ... Sue Skelly ... Diana Cronin ... Shane Miller ... Lynn Anju.

We like to call this image MOTHER AND CHILD.

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