Thursday, April 24, 2008


Lately it seems that everywhere I look I see some kind of interesting texture or pattern. They are all around us...ivy growing up a concrete wall...the butt end of round hay bales...the inside of a security envelope. The little voice inside my head is always asking, "would this etch". Thanks to the age of digital photography I can now easily capture snippets of texture. I keep these visual treasures in a digital file in my computer where they accumulate just waiting to be dragged into photoshop and messed with. I often troll through this file looking for just the right image or background for a narrative art box or a piece of jewelry. Not everything translates or is easily etched but more and more I am able to determine that before I totally trash a good piece of metal.

On Wednesday my friends and art buddies, Linda Jarvis and Helga Winter, went with me to Olympia, WA, to deliver our work to Childhood's End Gallery for the upcoming show, STORIES, MYTHS AND LEGENDS. One advantage of being slightly late in delivering is that we got to see a preview of the show. Many pieces by other artist were leaning against the walls just waiting to be hung or arranged on pedestals. The opening is tomorrow night and it will be fun to see how all the art work will be displayed.

On the way home we stopped in Tacoma to check out some galleries. While walking around we noticed these wonderful grates in the sidewalks. I'm sure there are many other patterns scattered throughout the city and it will take another trip to discover them all. I can hardly wait to see how these might show up in my work.

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