Friday, November 23, 2007


This picture was taken by friends as I returned from a show in Portland, Oregon.

Going on the road to participate in juried art shows is a trip...literally. Many artist drive big panel vans...regular vans...campers on pick-ups...suv's...and other high volume vehicles. Few, if any, show up in a Mini Cooper (although now that I'm making jewelry, that is a dream of mine.) Prior to making jewelry I made steel sculpture from 1/4 inch plate steel. For 12 years I used a plasma torch, mig welder and many different types of grinders. After trying several vehicles for hauling my wares, I ended up with a transit bus with a hydraulic wheel chair lift. That was perfect for hauling the large sculptures but it was so huge to drive. I remember once sweating bullets as I approached the Golden Gate Bridge toll booth in the wrong lane and cleared the booth by only and inch or two.

I am now doing fewer on the road shows and staying a little closer to home. For several years now I've been driving my 1952 Dodge pick-up. Her name is BALADEUSE which means wanderer in french but her nick name is Jupiter Louise. I love driving this truck. She is the best vehicle I've ever owned ( well maybe tied with an Austin-Healey Sprite I drove in college.) I love her curves and flowing lines...her color (like a latte)...her sweet running boards...and the original Dodge Ram on her nose. For now she is the perfect show vehicle.

Lin Haak, a wonderful Oregon oil painter and a dear friend, painted BALADEUSE for a commission. Here is the work in progress and the end result.

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