Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just three more posts about steel sculpture and then I'll get back to the jewelry. In my mind it is all connected. Some of these dogs have found their way into the jewelry...Silas and Ballyhoo ( the lab and the howling basset ) can be found in the JOURNEY boat posted on Nov. 3rd. In searching through my own photographic archives it has been interesting and fun to see how similar ideas and imagery keep showing up in my work...even though years have passed and mediums have changed.

When I started creating these steel dogs I was amazed that most were purchased as memorial dogs. Someone had either lost their beloved dog to old age or they remembered a steadfast pet from their youth. They wanted to be able to look out the window, toward the garden, and see the silhouette of their best pal and remember those happy times. Many tears were shed in my booth during those dog years.

This is Silas...steadfast...loyal...a great foot warmer...salt of the earth.

This is Lucy and Ballyhoo. Lucy is a homebody but Ballyhoo craves adventure...especially of the aquatic kind.

This is Ballyhoo on one of those aquatic adventures. Thirsty or not thirsty?...that is the question.

See...don't these guys look familiar???

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