Sunday, January 6, 2008


1. A new friend who feels like someone you have known for a very long time coming to visit for the first time.
2. A day of wind and rain slanted sideways...but it just doesn't matter.
3. A ride in a 1952 Dodge pick-up.
4. A relaxed hearty breakfast at Sweet Laurettes.
5. Popping in and out of the downtown galleries.
6. Hanging out in front of a woodstove...talking...talking...talking.
7. Sharing art books...stories...vintage photos...hopes...and dreams.
8. Joining another dear friend and art soul for a gallery opening.
9. Selling a piece at the opening.
10. Being in the company of many artists.
Combine all of the above and stir together gently. Add liberal pinches of laughter...and finally bake with warm hugs. Now that's a sweet day even if you've given up sugar for new years.

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