Thursday, January 3, 2008


A fresh clean scribbles in the beginnings. I think Kim, rug weaver extraordinaire and my sweet friend, said it best when she recently wrote..."time to think about what to focus on with all the possibilities that one feels in January...while there is still breathing room for dreaming before the constant pressure that seems to come with show season and yards full of growing things".

That seems to be how it all seems possible right now. Art show applications are appearing in the mailbox...which shows to apply to...which shows do I have the best chance of getting in....which shows are worth the $30-$45 application fee. As the months tick by the pressure starts to build...replace inventory that sold at Christmas in all the galleries...create new work before spring...continually seek balance between work and a walk on the the grass is starting to grow exponentially and the tractor won't start...the cherry tomatoes I bought at the farmer's market are shriveling in their too small plastic pots (no time to plant them properly)...a crazy 17 hour day trying to finish those last pieces before loading the car leaving for a show......anyway, you get the picture. The truth is that I wouldn't change a thing...this is my life and I love it!!! So this January I'm going to dream about all the possibilities.

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