Monday, January 7, 2008


A couple of years ago my friend, Lin, ( you can see her wonderful paintings by clicking on her link on the right column) and her daughter, Krista, took a trip to Washington, DC. It was a gift from Krista to her mom knowing how much Lin would enjoy all the art galleries, and in the process they would get to spend some quality time together. As a surprise, Lin asked me to make matching vine bracelets as a memory of the trip. When Krista got home, her young son, Noah, loved playing with the bracelet and handled it whenever he could. Just before this past Christmas, Lin talked to me about the possibility of making a bracelet for 5 years old. We talked about different imagery...his name on the tracks...boy stuff. Krista assured us that it needed to be just like with some creative shipping, the bracelet arrived in Wyoming just in time to get under the tree. It was a little tricky to small...the blank was only 4 inches long...and my mandrel was a bit too large for hammering it around. When I finished it and held it in the palm of my hand, there was something precious about that small size. A few days ago Krista sent me this photo.

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